Flex units are primarily winter time inventory. Please be aware limited spring and fall inventory is available.


If you would like a flex unit the cost is as follows:

$500.00 cost of unit

Recording and doc stamps $22.00

Maintenance Fees $550.00 for a one bedroom or $600.00 for a two bedroom at this time

Please have all information on how deed will read, such as who will listed on deed, address and phone number, once money is collected everything will be sent over to the attorneys and you will receive a deed within about two weeks.

If you would like a reservation in December, January or February you never have to call on the Monday in February… we have enough inventory that we will make the reservation for you… ONLY these months apply, you must call for any other reservation time.

Maintenance Fees are due same time as fixed weeks, November 1st every year. If you would like to be deeded a unit please be aware you have to call in the 1st, 2nd or third Monday in February every year depending on your phase or if you purchase a one or two bedroom. You will receive a card prior to your call in date.

Please be aware it is first come for weeks within the flex time period available! You have to start calling at 7am central time… after 25 callers in the queue you will receive a busy signal and have to hang up and repeat until you are in the queue. PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE

You have to understand, in any given week your requesting, there are only 35 one bedrooms phase one and 35 phase two, same with two bedrooms…. 14 in phase one and 14 in phase two.

Example – You call in for week 15 in phase one and you own a one bedroom, spring is popular, after 35 units are booked for that week there are no more! Every week there may not be 35…. when Bluegreen was the management company they converted many units so there may only be 30 that week

Example 2 -2 Bedrooms, each tower has only fourteen 2 bedrooms, maybe less due to Bluegreen owning units. So you call in on the third Monday wanting week 15… we may have only 11 units for that week…. after they are gone they are gone! We would have to build on to Ocean Towers to have more two bedrooms that week. Nothing has changed.

If you are interested please email me at Michelleargo@otbc.net